Crossfit Workout: Grace – 1:57 – Adam Manley

Grace is a Crossfit workout consisting of 135lbs, taken from ground to overhead 30 times, as fast as possible. This is Adam Manley at Pure Fitness San Diego.
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15 cleans @ 50kg / 15 pressups. 3 rounds for time. Completed in 3.47

Todays CrossFit Workout

Today’s CrossFit Workout at CrossFit Southwest testing out my new Go Pro HD Camera
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“Fran” Crossfit Workout – Zues

“Fran” Crossfit Workout
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Big Bertha Crossfit Workout

It all started when I wanted to work out, but arrived to find a closed gym. I returned home mad and told my housemate Jeff that we should make a Crossfit-style workout that I could do right now. We rigged it up using available materials around our house: BIG BERTHA, done for time Round 1: (Empty) Keg squat clean thrusters x 21 Crossfit pullups x 21 Ring dips x 21 Round 2: Like Round 1, but for 15 reps Round 3: Like Round 2, but for 9 reps Here is Jeff doing it in 9:58. Remember that crossfit pullups can be anything that gets your chin over the bar. This includes any type of grip or kipping. Dips should be to parallel and squats to just below parallel.
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CROSSFIT workout part.3

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Isabel is a CrossFit Workout that is a great training session, 30 Snatches for time!

The CrossFit Program was developed to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical tasks. James does Isabel at Gator CrossFit
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Crossfit WoD at Crossfit Oahu.
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Eric Red Schafer-Crossfit Workout Week 7

Eric Red Schafer does a crossfit workout during the seventh week of his UFC on Versus training camp. Red writes a weekly blog on his training camp at

Crossfit workout-Elizabeth: 21-15-9 of squatclean 135 lbs. and ring dips. Time: 8:57

Dip stand Inverted Rows exercise related: Crossfit workout elite rings p90x iron gym

Dip Bar Body Weight Rows Plank
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Antwain The “Juggernaut” Britt does MMA CrossFit workout with Jeannie Bassi

Jeannie Bassi, the Hybrid Training Center’s CrossFit coordinator and resident “Mad Scientist” sends Antwain “The Juggernaut” Britt through an MMA CrossFit workout in preparation for his Strikeforce fight in May. Go to and for more info on our MMA and CrossFit programs.
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Firefighter CrossFit Workout

One of Andy’s workouts for the FF Combat Challenge Workout…3 sets of: (*this was his 3rd set) 1 minute at level 15 on stair stepper 25 reps of cable/rope pull at 52lb 100 foot tire drag 100 foot dummy drag This is with a 65lb weight vest under his coat and it being over 100 degrees out…gotta love TX summers.
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Using the double end bag is great for cardio. We combined our homemade double end bag with other exercises like smith lunge jumps, box squats, squats using bands, and squat jumps. I wanted to give my legs a good workout also so i threw in squats with the bands just for variations. This is probably one of the best cardio sessions i’ve had in awhile. we use 4 2 min rounds and 2-3 minute rest periods. We are not boxers nor claim to be, but we do utilize it because it does give you a good workout.
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